DreamForge-Games Update: Product Has Arrived!

By Mark Mondragon | February 25th, 2013 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Titan, Videos, Warhammer 40k

Mark From DreamForge-Games left this here to update everyone on the latest on their new product line.  Here at Spikey Bits, our first shipment of Leviathan Crusaders, and Eisenkern trooper box sets has arrived, and we will be shipping our all our pre-orders over the next day or two.

Don’t worry we still have some kits left from this initial shipment, so if you’ve been waiting for these amazing figures- get your order in NOW and we’ll do our best to have them to you by the weekend!

From Mark at DFG;
I have a few things to cover in this post.

1)      The Forums are up Yay! The old forum suffered catastrophic failure due to my ISP changing database format without warning Boo! I suppose if I look on the bright side it means I will have a fresh start with the KS backers (I will send out invites to the private section of the forum when I have time to dedicate to game development)
2)      Updated instructions are now available in PDF format on the main product page of the website. This includes the updated Crusader instructions. You will also find them here in the bolg in the INSTRUCTIONS page (right hand column)
3)      If you are a retailer that is stocking DreamForge product, I would like to add you to my links. Please post a comment here and I will add your information. You don’t need a web presence, I am happy to add the address and phone numbers of brick and mortar locations.

I took a moment to use a little Google-fu and search for unboxing videos and builds. 

Here are a few that I was able to come up with so far, displayed in no particular order. I know I am missing some, I apologize if I overlooked your post; if you would like to be added, just post a comment to this story and I will update the links. And a BIG thank you for all those posting these!

Mordian 7th   Part1   Part 2   Part3

Reobeast    Part1  Part2   Part3

Games and life   Link

Between the Bolter and me   Link

Pick a damn army  Part1  Part2  Part3

Moon tank   Link

Warpstone pile  Link

Tabletop Online (German)   Link

Photos  Link

 And now for some YouTube action 😉

 The Second Founding

Spikey Bits

Silver Skull Gamer

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