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By Rob Baer | June 10th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

Here at Spikey Bits, we keep trying to come up with more fun and, what we hope are, exciting ways for you to save on your gaming needs.

Over the next few months or so we’ll try to feature a new sale every week on some of the top names out there in gaming, just to give you a chance to try out something new!  
This time, we are slashing prices on a one of the biggest games out here- Hordes

Clocking in at over five years old, this game shows no signs of losing it’s fury (get it)?  

Take up to 30% off MSRP for just one week (till 6/12) on our HUGE selection of Hordes models, books, and accessories!

There is no code to type in or remember our website does all the work for you! So head on over to our webstore and try out a new game, for a great deal! Happy Gaming -MBG
An Introduction to the game from Hordes’s site:

Welcome to HORDES
In this ferocious 30 mm tabletop miniatures battle game, each player controls a powerful battle-wizard who harnesses the strength and fury of the savage warbeasts that stalk the dark places of the Iron Kingdoms. Through their unique link to these untamed creatures, these warlocks are able to drive them to unparalleled heights of destruction.

HORDES puts players directly into the maelstrom of war as warlocks and their beast hordes struggle for domination and survival. A game is fought with the powerful jaws and flesh-ripping talons of warbeasts as well as devastating spells wrought by the warlocks themselves and the lethal weapons of their warriors. Only one side can emerge victorious from the carrion-scattered field of war!

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