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If there’s one thing X-Wing has taught me, its that it’s going to making me eat my words over and over.

First I said Han was kind of poopy, then it comes back to destroy me and become a meta list.

A few other things as well have crossed my mind but for the life of me I can’t remember. But with this newest ‘word meal’, as I do recall at least myself saying that the Tie Bomber looked to be the worst of the ships in the upcoming set, being set up to be nothing more then ‘shinies’ you deck out only to have die a violent hurtful death. Boy oh boy were those words salted and thrown into my mouth with the force of a bomb. A proton bomb that is!

The Bombers

Whats all that mean, well, I got to play test some of the new ships thanks to follow FTW gamer Chuck (who I’ve already done a article on one of his lists). I played around with the HWK-290 testing out my ‘alpha’ strike list idea involving Wedge and Roark where I get 3 X-wings to blast my enemy before they can even think of shooting. Chuck on the other hand tested out his brand new Tie Bombers. Each decked out a bit with some missiles and bombs. When I saw there were only 3 there, I was slightly happy, going ‘well, that’s definitely going to be easier to deal with’. HA HA, I was wrong.

Rebels with their new smuggler friend

To give it a quick word in, the HWK did well enough. Negated a damaged cockpit problem so that was nice, but outside his boosting combat ability, he was ok. The underslung Blaster Turret did well though. Rest was regular stuff. The Tie Bombers though, oh god did they hurt. Chuck’s 3 man squad consisted of two Scimitar Squad Pilots and Captain Jonus. Each with a shield upgrade and spread about was Cluster Missiles, Homing Missiles, couple of Assault Missiles and each guy rocking a Proton Bomb.

Before bombs exploding

To give you a quick idea of what was happening, having experienced the Y-wing bomber lists, I figured I’d do what I’d do there. Get in close to negate the bombs and just keep up the pressure and never let them get to far away from me. And at first, it looked like it was working. I hurt one pretty bad, but he was still alive. Then the second turn started. Now, let me recount my thoughts as the phase started. Oh, he’s dropping bombs. That’s right, Bombers have bombs…

Those are new looking tokens, Oh yea. They have new bombs. OH SH*T! THEY HAVE NEW BOMBS! Those nice ones they showed up awhile back, that kind of was pushed back into my mind as they released more stuff. The bombs that BYPASS SHIELDS! And they also deal face up damage. Aka crits. AKA OH GOD IT HURTS SO MUCH!

afterwards. Ow.

Now there is a slight over reaction to my tone here for entertainment purpose…just slightly. These things left me hurt and crying a bit. Wedge was left almost dead…with full shields. A rookie died completely. Still with shields. My other Rookie’s cockpit was damaged and the HWK was hit with a double damage direct hit. Two turns pass as we tried to get back into position which ended with with my ships getting blasted to death with the payloads of missiles left.

So after that game, the Bombers left me wondering how to combat them. Get in close, you get hurt. Stay away, you get hurt. Stay in some type of formation, those Bombs will eat you alive. With the bombers coming out, I’m sure those guys who miss thier classic three Y-Wing list of death is gonna be able to have that back to a degree.

We also tested out the B-Wing a little, but that was just a goofy fight that ended very quickly in a manner we both knew it would. Be sure to check in later, I may have a bit more stuff on the B-Wing! Till then, thanks for reading and have a great day! -Super Kaiju

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