Feast of Beer? Feast of Blades GT Sold Out!

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Feast of Blades is NEXT WEEKEND, and yes the American Beer Festival is happening at the same place/time as the tournament!

As you may know Feast of Blades is an invitational tournament and while you will be able to game in all sorts of tournaments, one-off games and themed games the main tournament is invitational only.
But never fear, there is still tons of events to be a part of, but get your tickets now because events are starting to sell out!
You will be surrounded by game and beer lovers at this event, so come have a few with us and roll some dice.

40k Invitational
40k Open GT
Premier Swag Bag
Hotel (only “upgrade,” rooms remain.)

We have already started a wait list for all sold out tickets/ swag bag. They will be called up on a first come first served basis.

Wait list details: To be put on the wait list you must buy a “40k Open GT (Wait list)” or “40k Invitational (wait list)” ticket. When a spot becomes available we will email the address of record. If no spots open we will refund 100% of your wait-list ticket. http://www.feastofblades.com/index.php

What Beer?

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