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B-Wings, how I love you. Tanky, damage dealing machines of pain you! And now Fantasy Flight with their Rebel Aces are giving you two new pilots that are awesome? Yay! Lets look at this new B-wing preview and see why I’m excited as hell for them. keyan-farlander Starting with Keyan Farlander, this guy is amazing. You can use a stress token to turn all focus into hits with him during an attack. Can you say BROKEN?! Or at least seems that way. Might balance itself out in game since you won’t always roll focus in shots (trust me when I say using marksmanship and having it not go off cause I just roll 3 hits is pretty annoying.). But hey, comboing with Advance Sensors you can get some nasty combos. Sadly the 29 points kind of makes me sad, especially since they’re only skill 7, but I can’t wait to use him/her (far to lazy to check at the moment). nera-dantels Following suit is Nera Dantels. 26 points for skill 5. Not bad, but that ability. Using any proton missiles outside your arc. You can make a decent gun boat out of this pilot, though be prepared to break out the point piggy bank. But hey, after you fire some bombs, you still have a B-wing. bwing-e2

A new modification for B-wings is the B-wing/E2. Any B-wing gains a co-pilot. Dirty. For 1 point you can take any co-pilot with your B-wings.

Think about that. Think about those new pilots, with some of those co-pilots. Yea, should be fun.

kyle-katarn jan-ors Speaking of co-pilots, lets look at these new ones. Since the extreme success of the HWK, heavy sarcasm, a few pilots are now available as co-pilots. Jan Ors, at range 1 to 3 you can have a friendly ship gain a evade token over a focus. Personally, kind of dumb in my opinion. Now, I could end up eating these words, but I stand by the focus tokens as the superior tokens! There are some spots where a evade would be best, though it would be to few and far between, at least at first thought. Kyle Katarn on the other hand is pretty dirty. If done right, you can use this real well. Coupled with Keyan you can keep him always safe-ish. Granted the 1 agility with a focus isn’t that great, but hey, a 70 some odd percent increase to evade at least once is nice. The B-wing side of the Rebel Aces is pretty great looking at this time. Can’t wait for this release.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. -Super Kaiju Welcome to X-Wing, enjoy your stay.

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