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By Rob Baer | January 30th, 2015 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Space Marines


Games Workshop unveiled a full length story for their new Chapter of Space Marines this week, and has two BIG freebies for iPhone users as well!

The new chapter is called the Dark Hunters, and I think they trace their origins back to a short story from last year.

Here’s what Lexicanum has to say on these enigmatic warriors

The Dark Hunters were founded in the dark days of the Occlusiad. That their first campaign saw fighting against the Daemon Engines and corrupted Warlord Titan Repellus Maximal of Warpsmith Hilghar during the Battle of Bloodsteel has left a deep rooted mistrust against machines within their psyche.

Even today, they have strained relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus.Later in the Dellrond Campaign – where a single company of Dark Hunters held the entrance of the Cathedral of the Emperor Ossified for five years against Waaagh! Nagrut – they earned a resolute and stubborn reputation.[3b] In the Lonal Ambush, they were used as Tyranid bait by the Raven Guard.

The Dark Hunters have a reputation for being particularly grim and resolute warriors. They are one of the seven chapters charged with elimination of the Punishers, a faction of Chaos Renegades. They succeeded in eliminating half the Punishers at the Battle of the Black Star in 939.M41.

If you have the Warhammer App, make sure you check it for a free iBook featuring the new ‘Dark Hunters’ and a sweet free wallpaper of the Necron Codex cover.

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