Rats With Guns? – Stormfiend Rules

By Rob Baer | January 13th, 2015 | Categories: Miniature Wargaming News & Rumors

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The Skaven are coming, and boy are they packing heat.

These guys look like a bargain, and would probably fit right in on a 40k table to boot!

Skaven walpaper

 via the Old Primarch Missed in the Eye of Terror 1-12-2014


M6 WS4 BS3 S5 T4 W4 I5 A4 Ld7 Monstrous Infantry

Unit size 3+

Light Armor (optional warpstone-laced armor; grants the entire unit 4+ armor, but casualties must be pulled from warpstone-laced armor models first. Attacks that target specific models still do so, ignoring the warpstone-laced armor rules )

Each model (each model in a unit may choose differently) must choose from:

– Grinderfists (reroll failed to wounds in assault); S:5, arrives turn 2-3 at a pre-marked position, may shoot or assault upon arrival, d3 automatic hits in assault, magical
– Doom-flayer gauntlets (reroll failed to wounds in assault); +2S, Impact Hits(d3)
– Ratling cannons (reroll failed to wounds via shooting); 18″ S5 Armorpiercing, multipleshot(3d6), ignore longrange & multishot penalties, to-hits rolls of “1” hit nearest friendlies, magical
– Shock gauntlets (reroll failed to wounds in assault); +1S, D3 stomp hits, ignores armor
– Warpfire projectors (reroll failed to wounds via shooting); stone thrower, S5, flaming attacks, multiple wounds(D3), misfies casue d6 hits on nearest friendlies, magical
– Windlaunchers (reroll failed to wounds via shooting); stonethrower, 6-24″ wound on a 4+,magical, 2d6 scatter on a misfire

Fear, Skirmishers

May not use “Fire on the March, Light troops”



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