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New Thanquol / End Times Book IV, Adeptus Mechanicus, Harlequins, AND Forge World? You HAVE to read this epic round up from the break!

If you blinked over the Holiday break you may have miss a ton of Table Top News and Rumors!

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End Times: Thanquol (click for full roundup)

The portents were true, and not only are we getting a new End Times book, BUT we’re also getting a HUGE new Thanquol on Boneripper model to book. Plus the rules for the new Vermin Lord were in last weeks White Dwarf, and he looks poised to smash up the Olde World as well.


Harlequins (click for full roundup)

These guys were the talk of the weekend, and along with the Necron, should be the next 40k releases. BoLS is saying to be on the look out for a small mini-codex and all new range that will incorporate several all new plastic Harlequin kits backed up by several existing kits drawn from the Eldar/Dark Eldar ranges (mainly transports).


Necrons (click for full roundup)

Still on everyone’s minds BUT a bit silent over the weekend. We should Necrons in late January after End Times 4 runs it’s course.  This said to be a quick release centered around 1-2 miniatures including a new plastic Necron Lord.

Adeptus Mechanicus (click for full roundup)

According to BoLS there has been a low level of conflicting chatter regarding a mini-codex release of Adeptus Mechanicus in plastic centered around Skitarri doing the rounds.  

It is mainly centered around a single picture and many venerable rumormongers are saying they have heard nothing about it.  It may be super salt time for this one.

New Products Roundup

FFG – Imperial Assault

The newest Star Wars property for Fantasy Flight Games is a new take on an old favorite.

Think Heroquest played like Descent but in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away. It’s fast, it’s furious and it may be the next big thing!

Check it out here.


FFG – New X-Wing Miniatures

Imperials got a big new ship in the form of the Imperial Raider, and we took a closer look at the M3-A Interceptor for the Scum & Villainy Faction.

New Games Workshop Releases

Verminlord $90

Sanguine Strike Force $175


New Forge World Previews and Releases

new fw fists

New Imperial Fist Phalanx Warders and Templar Bretheren.


Plus Alexis Polux was the Jigsaw Preview from the Break

alexis polux


Spikey Bits Latest

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