BREAKING – Harlequin Skyweaver Equipment

By Rob Baer | February 6th, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors


Holy cow checkout the heat the new Skyweavers are packing! Star Bolas, YES PLEASE!

via Captain Citadel and Spikeybits forum

Harlequin Skyweaver Equipment:

HoloSuit: 5+ Invulnerable

Mirage Launchers: Once per game your unit triggers then when selected as the target of a shooting attack.  Unit gains 4+ Invulnerable save vs. shooting till their next movement phase.

Skyweaver Jetbike: Eldar Jetbike, 4+ Armor, Shuriken Cannon

Star Bolas: One use only, R12″ S6 AP2, Assault 1 blast


– charged: S:user+1 AP2, melee

– didn’t charge: S:user AP3, melee


Now remember the Skyweaver unit rules:

Harlequin Skyweaver box (2 models): $40 usd

Harlequin Skyweaver Rules 

WS5 BS4 S3 T4 W2 I6 A3 Ld9 Sv4+
100pts (2 Skyweavers)

Unit type: Eldar Jetbikes


Up to 4 additional Skyweavers for 50pts each

Upgrade star-bols to Zephyrglaive for XXpts

Upgrade jetbike Shuriken cannon to Haywire cannon for XXpts


– Holo-suit

– Star-Bolas

– Mirage Launchers

– Skyweaver jetbike

Special Rules:

– Fear

– Furious Charge

– Hit & Run

Full Harlequin Rumor Roundup

~ Seems like they are good units all around.

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