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It’s finally here, the new Harlequin codex, transport, dice and more! Get the details below!

Codex Harlequins $49.50

This 96-page, full colour hardback codex contains:

  • Background of the origin of the Harlequins, who they are, and why they fight
  • Their ongoing war against Chaos, how they structure their masques, their colour schemes and heraldries
  • Details of eleven different Harlequin masques and their army colour schemes
  • An explanation of the most famous events and battles from the Harlequin’s history
  • Descriptions of all of the units and characters available to the Harlequins
  • A showcase of beautifully painted Harlequins miniatures
  • Rules for fielding your collection of Harlequins in games of Warhammer 40,000 including army special rules and 6 formations
  • Choose from 3 Warlord Traits tables
  • Wargear, including weapons only available to the Harlequins
  • The Phantasmancy Discipline – with psychic powers only available to the Harlequins Shadowseers
  • Unique Detachment force organisation chart.
  • 6 Tactical Objectives exclusive to the Harlequins



Troupe Master Edition $205.00

Limited to 900 individually numbered copies, this beautifully designed edition is a must-have for any collector. Contained within a slipcase are Codex: Harlequins, Warriors of the Laughing God: Harlequins Painting Guide, and a wallet containing 36 tactical objective cards and 21 psychic power cards each packaged in their own uniquely designed boxes. The psychic power cards detail the rules for three separate psychic powers – Phantasmancy, Telepathy and Sanctic. As well as all of this there are 6 diamond-shaped, smoke-black tactical objective markers exclusive to this edition.

The pages of Codex: Harlequins are finished in a red and blue diamond pattern, whilst the slipcase cover features the codex cover art unobscured by any text or titles.

Enhanced eEdition $54.99



Starweaver $41 Voidweaver $41

The Starweaver is armed with 2 shuriken cannons and 3 banks of mirage launchers. There is also a rappelling line that can be attached to the back of the vehicle. There are 2 crew members that can be modelled onto the rear of the Starweaver, armed with a choice of star bolas, sword or zephyrglaive, whilst there are 2 arms that will hold onto the vehicle itself.

The Voidweaver is a mobile gun platform armed with 2 shuriken cannons, one is under-slung beneath the front of the vehicle and the second is rear-facing and mounted on the platform on the top of the Voidweaver. You also have a choice of either a pintle-mounted haywire cannon or a prismatic cannon and the option to add 3 banks of mirage launchers. There is a separate gunner model who can be assembled so that he is standing, attached to either the top shuriken cannon or pintle-mounted weapons.

Whichever variant you decide to make, both bikes have the option of 9 pairs of masks that can be added to the side of the vehicle. There are 5 heads with space to add one of 10 individually designed masks for both the pilots and crew, as well as 2 completely masked heads. Also included are 2 clear canopies that can be glued on to completely enclose the cockpit, or used to just cover the lower section.
This multi-part plastic kit contains 94 components with which to make 1 Harlequin Starweaver or Voidweaver. Also included is 1 large flying base and a Harlequins transfer sheet.


Warriors of the Laughing God $33


Datacards: Harlequins $12.50


Harlequin Dice: $17


That’s it till next week! So what are YOU going to get? 

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