Cosplay Style – The Weapons of 40k

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warhammer-40k-inspired-bolt-gun-props-40k-grenade-auspex-scanner-prop-right (1)
According to this Cosplayer the bolter is;  ‘Volvo of sci-fi weaponry, it’s boxy, but it’s good’. Come see Gamergirl’s Cosplay Gallery.

These weapons of 40k Cosplay come to us from Nerfenstein and they are HOT!

Checkout the gallery, and if you fancy you a set I’m sure you can hit her up!

warhammer-40k-inspired-bolt-gun-props-40k-grenade-auspex-scanner-prop-right (1) warhammer_40k_hesh_bolter_prop_by_nerfenstein_by_girlygamerau-d6wayrb warhammer-40k-inspired-bolt-gun-props-40k-grenade-auspex-scanner-prop-angles warhammer-40k-bolter-redesign-prop-bolt-gun-by-nerfenstein warhammer-40k-inspired-bolt-gun-props-40k-grenade-auspex-scanner-prop-left


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