White Dwarf #79 Spoiled – Stormcasts got BIG!

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The new White Dwarf has been spoiled! Come see the cool new Age of Sigmar Terrain, and the Stormcasts’ Big brothers!


Via Gametrust.de

pic-42853-popup games_workshop_warhammer_age_of_sigmar_gelaende_numinous_occulum games_workshop_warhammer_age_of_sigmar_stormcast_eternals_protectors games_workshop_warhammer_age_of_sigmar_stormcast_eternals_retributors_warscroll


So it looks like the rest of the ‘big boy’ Stormcasts are finally here, along with two more great pieces of terrain.

Coming soon to a retail store near you are Stormcast RETRIBUTORS, DECIMATORS, PROTECTORS, plus the spectacular new Numinus Occulum, and Dragonfate Dias.

Plus there also looks to be a re-release of the Wood Elves (now Sylvaneth) with round bases.

So we look to have our first re-boxing of the Warhammer Fantasy over to Age of Sigmar, and some spectacular new releases as well this week

Checkout the rest of the leaked pics below

Age of Sigmar Release Roundup

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