TOP 3 Space Marine Rules That NEED to be FAQed?

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Come see what may be the three biggest Space Marine rules that could really use a FAQ from Games Workshop.

We haven’t heard BOO about a FAQ for well over a year from GW, so I figure it’s either a staffing issue, or they really do think that only 20% of their customers are gamers, and not worth the allocation of resources.

Either way here’s my list of the Top THREE 40k rules that need a FAQ.

  • 3). Librarus Conclave – The 40k community seems town on whether you can preform actions at the end of phases in 40k, such as the end of the Psychic phase. The ITC has ruled you can not, BUT American English and RAW seems to indicate you can.
  • 2.) The “Unstoppable Land Raiders”  Yet another gray area with how vehicle damage is worded when Special Rule effects from formations come into play. Conventional wisdom seems to indicate how to go about it, but we all know sometimes that’s just NOT enough.
  • 1.) Chapter Tactics – It’s hard to remember but there are other Astartes books out there besides the new Space Marine codex. Games Workshop may have forgotten too, because of how loosely worded the Chapter Tactics rule appears to have been written.  How should they interaction in units with other codex books’ models?

Now granted in a friendly game you should be able to sort these out with your buddy, but I get that sometimes it’s a little more cut throat on the tourney scene.

Remember always check with the Tournament Organizer to see what FAQ, if any is in effect for that event. Plus it may be a good idea to have any questions about rules, etc. answered ahead of time instead of mid event to be fair to your opponents as well.

I feel like part of bringing hobby back is to play with your opponents, not against them!

What other rules would you like to see FAQed?


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