Curse of the Wulfen Book II Delayed?

By Rob Baer | March 28th, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors


We knew something from Curse of the Wufen was coming soon, but it may not just be what we had hoped- rules wise.

Black Library is revealing what happens after the events of Curse of the Wulfen – in EIGHT parts.

Remember the two part Tau series of Mont’ka and Kauyon was separated by only 3 weeks, but it looks like for the Curse of the Wulfen GW may be stretching things out?

The aftermath of the Curse of the Wulfen will be written in EIGHT parts called:


Legacy or Russ (Subscription) $22.99

The first part is free from Black Library, and the entire series will be released from now until October….


The Fenris system, home of the savage and feral Space Wolves Chapter, is overrun by the forces of Chaos. On planets and moons armies of daemons manifest to enact a campaign of slaughter, and the Wolves are forced to defend themselves on all fronts. As the fighting escalates, all contact with Logan Grimnar is lost. Can the Space Wolves find their missing Chapter Master, or is he dead, as the daemons claim? And if he has fallen, what will stand between the Space Wolves and absolute destruction?

Written by Robbie MacNiven


Purchase the Legacy of Russ Quick Read Subscription and whenever a new Quick Read in the series is released, your account will be updated with the latest addition in a zip file. For full details of how to download and unzip the file, check out our Help pages. This subscription includes eight Quick Reads, which will be released over the course of several months.


Whenever a new story in the series is released, your blacklibrary.com account will be updated with the latest eBook release. You can purchase this subscription at any point during this promotion and you’ll immediately be able to download all the stories released up to that point. Subsequent ones will be added to your account as they are released. For full details of how to download and unzip your files, check out our Help pages.


The author Robbie Macniven says:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! Starting today, and continuing until October, expect the continuation of the saga that started in Curse of the Wulfen, written by yours truly. The sequel novel will be serialised in eight ebook chapters, starting with The Lost King today. All eight will be collected into a full, physical novel at the end of the year. And best of all, the first chapter is free to download!”

(remember Macniven was the author who posted the art showing Curse of the Wulfen with the caption “The Saga Continues: Coming Soon”)

And Black Library tossed this little gem out to start you speculating:


Squiggly may have already foreshadowed this occurring already and we just didn’t read into it:

via Squiggly (on DISQUS)

Regarding the sequel to curse of the Wulfen:

Of course there will be a Book2. With more models…

Of what followed the Wulfen out the Eye.

And in response to another (negative) comment

I take it you wont like it when we get Metal Duardin and Tzeentch later in the year then?


SO what does this mean? Will we still get a new Curse of the Wulfen rules set shortly, and then this novel series will fill in that aftermath, OR will GW attempt to tie in all the wolfy releases of Leman Russ and his legion in November from Forge World, and 40k proper as well?

Could be something, could be nothing, but with the way we see trends forming nearly over night at GW, it was worth a look IMHO.

~ the first one is always “free”.

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