CONFRIMED Imperial Knight Renegade & WD Battle Report

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On of the biggest deals in history looks to have been confirmed by this weeks White Dwarf. Come see the new Imperial Knight game and battle report!

Some lucky hobbyist got the White Dwarf early. Checkout these pics from the Imperial Knight Battle Report included in this week’s White Dwarf.

Spoilers ahead for the Battle – You have been warned!

Source: BrookM 4-13-2016

Duel to the Death Imperial Knight2

Duel to the Death Imperial Knight1

Duel to the Death Imperial Knight3

Duel to the Death Imperial Knight4

Duel to the Death Imperial Knight5

Duel to the Death Imperial Knight6

Duel to the Death Imperial Knight7

What we know so far about Imperial Knights: Renegade

via El Ploplo, Warhammer-forum

$195 and a date of 4-23-2016

Imperial Knight Renegade info box

via Archbald_TK, Warseer

So to answer a few questions some of you may or may not have asked:

– AFAIK the game is not restricted to English.
– The two Knights in the story are the Ever-Stalwart of House Terryn (Battle Cannon, Reaper Chainsword, Icarus Autocannon, Heavy Stubbers) and the Litany of Destruction (Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Ironstorm Missile Pod, Heavy Stubber).
– There are only two big cards, one for each of these knights setups. But there are references to play with other weapons setups.
– Game includes a Datasheet to play a Renegade Knight in 40K, but there is only one sheet so I hope they’re not restricted to the CC version.
– Also includes a detachment to ally Knights to CSM and Chaos Daemons.
– 8 pages of rules including the 40K ones if I got it right.

It didn’t notice anything special regarding availability.

There are no rules in the next WD (besides a new unrelated BaC scenario), so far it’s all in the box.

and previously

via Archibald_TK, Warseer 

No Orruks in the next WD.

New boxed game called “Imperial Knight: Renegade” instead (1 Imperial Knight, 1 IK Warden and 1 Sanctum Imperialis + rules)
165€ / £120 / $195 / and for once the real prices for all to see: CA$ 235 / AU$ 245 / NZ$ 290 / 22.000 Yen

So both a huge price but a huge discount at the same time, making it a pretty solid choice if you want 2 Knights. Too bad the large difference between the UK and Euro price will make us incapable of competing vs UK retailers.

Game is derived from the minigame they did in the WD around the Stormsurge release if I remember correctly, the one were each superheavy had its own datasheet, with damage locations and numbers everywhere. Game includes specific decals for each knight allowing you to decorate one of them as a renegade Knight. No Chaos specific sprues thought (those are the regular models already sold in stores).

Checkout the rest of the roundup on the new Knight game and more below!

Imperial Knight: Renegade Round-Up

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