Yellow Makes It Betta – The Convocation of Waaagh!

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Does the Ork rulebook got you down? No Problem, ad Convocation of Waaagh! is here to save the day.

Matt Brooks brought his Convocation of Waaaaagh! to Adepticon and the Orkiness has never been so robotic!



“I love Orks, they’re the first army I ever won a GT with and they hold a special place in my heart,” Brooks said before his first match of the day, “They’re the space soccer holograms of 40k. What’s not to love?”

Of course, bringing the Convocation of Waaagh! was no easy task and it took more than one brain boy to assemble this Waaaagh.


“My friend, Paul Tennant, helped me build this. A lot of the credit goes to him… for some models, like the Knight, I had an idea of how I wanted him to look, but with a lot of units I had no idea.”


The cans are made with parts from a Pencil Sharpener, metal wire bits for springs, and scraps. There is no shortage of Ork ingenuity that has gone into every single one of these models.


For my Infiltrator, I knew I wanted him mechanical so I started from that point. I used a Nob kit base, then a custom head, then a whole of other bits,” Brooks said, “I used a Fantasy Spider, the Arachnarok, and a ton of guns from Marine assault cannons to the Big Gun kit.”





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