New Kings of War: Your Gateway to Historical Wargames!

Knight vs Samurai

Are you a Kings of War Player? Are you an avid fan of History? Do you like the idea of fighting epic Anachronistic battles and “What If’s” on the tabletop? If so, KoW Historical is for you!

I received my copy of Mantic Game’s Kings of War Historical this week and what can I say! Well a lot in turns out!

Developed by the great Alessio Cavatore, this looks to be another great success by the veteran game designer.

It is definitely not the most in depth or detailed historical game out there, and is far from a “simulation” of historical battles. Rather it seems to be intended to allow you to get quick and fun games in with your Historical models or easily transition between Fantasy and Historical gaming without learning too many rule sets. This is done by replicating the Kings of War rules in their entirety (meaning this is a stand alone product and no other KoW title is required to play) and then adding a multitude of faction lists with a common “Master List” for play. One key thing to note is that the game allows for cross over play with the fantasy Kings of War armies and incorporation of “Mythical Units” into the faction lists of history, allowing a true narrative experience into the mythology of a culture, whether is be Greek Epics, Arthurian Legend, Germanic Fairy Tales or Chinese Folk Legends.  Additionally, since all the lists are relatively balanced to each other by drawing from a common “Master List” you can easily play out what if scenarios and Anachronistic games, pitting Samurai against Roman Legions, Macedonians vs Huns, Aztecs vs Greeks! What ever you want!

This is a great things for beginners in the world of historical war gaming, and can easily be the foundation of a club or event. Since it is the KoW core rules it is super easy to pick up, and games play relatively quickly.

If you are not one to walk the beaten tactical path, then come check out more articles like this on Sepulchre of Heroes, home of the 9th Legion. You can also find there plenty of other thoughts and discussions on the hobby and Warhammer 40k, particularly Blood Angels. We feature ample hobby content in painting and kitbashing and cover several GW specialist games such as Battlefleet Gothic and Blood Bowl. Working daily to Bring the Hobby Back, so check us out!

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