Real Life Melta Gun? YouTuber Creates a Thermite Cannon

By Felix Fimbres | November 16th, 2016 | Categories: Cosplay, Offbeat


Colin Furze is one part MekBoy and one part Brainboy and you need to see his latest invention, it’s dope. Checkout this “real life melta gun”.

Furze has made himself a thermite launcher and after watching the video I really want one. Okay fine it’s probably more of a missile launcher than melta gun, but still want.


Thermite (/ˈθɜː(r)maɪt/) is a pyrotechnic composition of metal powder, fuel and metal oxide. When ignited by heat, thermite undergoes an exothermic reduction-oxidation (redox) reaction. Most varieties are not explosive but can create brief bursts of high temperature in a small area. Via Wikipedia


Watching this thing in action is absolutely delightful, if you don’t already subscribe you’re doing yourself a disservice because this is top shelf stuff. Plus, Furze himself is basically an Ork when he says stuff like,

“Light the Sparkler, wait for the optimum time, and then fire.

So, go on, hit the link and check him out

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