Infinity Battle Report – Morat Aggression Force Vs. Haqqislam

By Greg Warwick | December 14th, 2016 | Categories: Battle Reports, Infinity, Videos

Now I’ve noticed recently that there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of battle reports around for Infinity the Game, which is a real shame. It is a fantastically immersive game if you are into your skirmish-esque games. It’s a sci-fi game produced by a company called Corvus Belli and the main benefit of this game is that it is quick to play, and that it is always your turn as your miniatures get to react by shooting, dodging and hacking as they see an enemy.

None of this your turn, my turn ma’larky. It also has some fantastic miniatures which are great to paint if you’ve been watching Kenny’s live stream.

So in preparation for a tournament you can watch me and my friend Luke battle it out at 300pts with my Morat Aggression Force (Angry Space Monkeys), a sub faction, fight against Vanilla Haqqislam (The new Islam).


We’re playing the mission engineering deck with the idea being to take control of the central room as well as hack more antennas than your opponent using what is considered to be specialist troops.


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