Puppetswar Ork Combat Thugs – NEW BITS

By Barclay Montgomery | December 15th, 2016 | Categories: BITS, Orks, Puppetswar

ork walpaper flash gitz

Grab your choppas and sluggas! We iz about to get stuck in with the new Combat Things from Puppetswar. Make way ya gitz! It’s Choppin’ time!

Via Puppetswar

Combat Thugs $24.35

640-2311-thickbox 640-2314-thickbox

Set 5 resin combat thugs (armed with combat heavy weapons). Bodies and weapons have 3x1mm holes allows to mount the magnets, magnets (if used) allows for very simple assembly and disassembly parts according to preferences…

These combat thugs make perfect Ork Slugga Boyz to add to your Green Tide!

Who’s ready fer krumpin’!

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