Top 5 Basing Products You Need In Your Life!

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Gamers Grass

Welcome back hobby maniacs!  Today Kenny Boucher is showing us 5 of his must have basing products everyone should have in their toolbox!

First up in Kenny’s list of basing necessities is Vallejo’s Dark Earth basing texture!  This fantastic stuff can be slathered onto a base and once dry, replicates the appearance of moist soil!

Dark Earth, the color of humid grounds, has a thick and dense consistency, appropriate for the reproduction of ground textures on diorama and vignette bases.

Dark Earth

Next on Kenny’s list of amazing basing materials is the ever amazing Masterclass Scenics Realistic Water from Secret Weapon!

Realistic Water is used to create smooth standing water and realistic wet earth effects. Pour it up to 1/8 thick and allow to set up overnight.

Secret Weapon Water

Following up is a relative newcomer to the gaming world.  Gamers Grass bring high quality easy to apply plants to the 28mm world!  Each Sheet of plants retails for between $4-9.

Gamers Grass

Occupying the 4th slot in Kenny’s ‘must have’ list is Vallejo’s Black Airbrush primer.  This stuff provides an amazingly thin primer coat that goes on strong and doesn’t chip.

Waterbased Poliurethane Primer. This Surface Primer can be used directly or mixed with other Auxiliary products like Varnishes, Mediums, etc. It is recomended to avoid mixing Surface Primer with alcohol and/or solvents. Apply with airbrush or brush. This Surface Primer has a selflevelling matt finish of extraordinary hardness and resistence, and does not hide details. Perfect as a ground for plastic, brass, resin, etc. Surface Primer can be cleaned easily using water; for a more thorough cleaning we recomend Airbrush Cleaner (Ref.71.099).

Vallejo Black Primer

Completing Kenny’s list of amazing basing supplies is the humble cork!  Be it from a wine bottle, or the remains of an old tack board, cork is cork!  This stuff crumbles fantastically to create simple and easy to prepare rocks for any base!

Check out the whole video in the link below for more details!

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