Unleash Your Army’s Psionics With Kromlech’s Sister Herja

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Take a look at the new Psionic from the Covenant of Psychic Warfare, Sister Herja. Kromlech has amazing quality miniatures. Give them a look! 

Sister Herja $13.25

This set contains one human psionic from the Convent of Psychic Warfare in 32mm scale.
She can be assembled carrying arcane staff, laser pistol or with both hands empty (or any combination of these).

Model consist of 5 resin parts (body, right hand with staff, empty right hand, left hand with laser pistol and left hand making arcane gesture).
Plastic 25mm plain base included.

Grab this cool mini and use it as a Psyker in Warhammer 40K or as a wizard in Age of Sigmar!

Black magic woman

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