New Characters Mean New Decks For SW Destiny

With all of the new cards being released for Spirit of Rebellion, there are sure to be a lot more characters combos! Let’s see what decks will be out there! 

Palpatine is a force in his own right, but he becomes vulnerable to dice removal. And since he is your only character, this can really hurt his momentum. A nice way to keep your dice on target and in play is by pairing him with TIE pilot. Palpatine’s ranged damage dice can’t be removed if TIE pilot’s die is in the pool, and if TIE pilot’s die does get removed, you still have the potent Palpatine die in your pool to resolve his hard hitting damage potential. This also allows you to bring some of those sweet Red upgrades and events that can help you gain an advantage.

A new hero combo, Maz and Poe are definitely going to shake things up! With Poe being able to play Fast Hands, and Maz giving him the ability to resolve 2 die once she activates, this deck will put out massive damage super fast. Also being able to play Millennium Falcon with Poe’s special ability will be great for pouring on the damage. A super fast deck that will be a powerhouse. Keep this one on your radar.


Director Krennic is a tactical genius with his battlefield control abilities. Adding a Deathtrooper to him will only add even more damage potential that can burn enemies down fast. Giving your Deathtrooper in this deck the Training upgrade can net you another character die, and Krennic’s ability will add yet another character dice coming at your opponent. That will surely make their heads spin! And that’s without having any weapon upgrades yet. Battlefield claiming will be top priority with this deck, and Tactical Mastery can help you get actions done quickly and efficiently to give you ample time to claim that crucial battlefield for Krennic.

An exciting new Blue Hero deck, Luminara Unduli makes generic characters super beastly with her special ability. Being able to increase the sides of generic characters’ dice by 3 is incredible! The new Jedi Acolyte can also increase his own die whenever it shows the same side as another of your dice. Mono Blue can be very powerful, and resource economy can be negated with amazing new cards like Premonitions and Destiny.

Have you seen these deck out in the latest Destiny meta scene? What other decks are you excited to see?

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