Tank Up With Wookie X-Wing Tactics

By Barclay Montgomery | July 27th, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0

The Auzituck continues to surprise the Empire with its ability to keep his squadmates alive through devastating firepower.Tank up with the Wookiees! 

Lowhhrick is another excellent Wookiee wingman that can save your other squadmates from harm. Lowhhrick can use his reinforce tokens as a sort of evade token for friendlies that are near him. When another friendly ship at range 1 is defensing, you may spend V’s reinforce token to add 1 evade result to his defense dice. That is a great way to boost your defenses on a nearby ship that needs help. Let’s keep that Wingman theme going!

Since you will be keeping your squadmates within range 1 of Lowhhrick, equip the Wingman elite upgrade to him. At the start of the combat phase you can remove a stress token from another friendly at range 1. This is a great way to keep your squadmates stress free and ready to outmaneuver your foes. Since you will be sacrificing your defenses to keep your squadmates safe,consider equipping C-3P0.

Since the Auzituck fighter has an agility of 1, C-3P0 can help with your evades if Lowhhrick is under attack himself. Always declare 0 evade results and C-3P0 won’t let you down whenever you roll him!

This Wookiee wingman will keep your other Rebel ships healthy and ready to take on the Empire!

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