GW Previews Iyanden Rules From Eldar Codex

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iyanden hor wal eldarGames Workshop just gave us another preview for Codex: Craftworlds, and it looks like Iyanden is going to be a really well rounded army option.

Games Workshop revealed this week’s pre-orders, and they put a nice little rules preview from Codex: Craftworlds. Let’s take a look at the new rule and see what they had to say about it.

Iyanden is a craftworld renowned for its tragic history and its serried Spirit Hosts, making heavier use of ghost warriors than any other. Wraith constructs will still be an important part of Iyanden armies, but their Craftworld Attribute is versatile enough to allow for a range of powerful builds focused around elite units of all kinds, including tanks and aspect warriors.

The Craftworld Attribute

40k Craftworld Focus Iyanden

The second part of Stoic Endurance helps your tanks and larger constructs keep kicking even after heavy damage. Enemies will need to chip 17 wounds off of an Iyanden Wraithknight before seeing any appreciable difference in its combat effectiveness!

It’d hardly be an Iyanden army without some ghost warriors, would it? Wraithblades in the new codex are just as deadly as they’ve always been, with some added bonuses. Smaller Wraith units have received an additional point of Toughness in the new codex, bringing Wraithguard and Wraithblades up to Toughness 6 and Wraithlords to Toughness 8, making them markedly more resilient against incoming enemy fire.

40k Craftworld Focus Iyanden Wraithblade

What’s more, they don’t even cost any more points!

The perfect accompaniment to a Spirit Host unit is a Spiritseer. These guys are already an efficient HQ choice for a Craftworlds army, and have even seen a reduction in cost, now a steal at 45 points, only 10 more than a Warlock! Use yours to cast the new psychic power Empower on your Wraithblades, trigger the Psytronome of Iyanden and throw in the Guided Wraithsight Stratagem and you’ll be dishing out 60 Strength 7 AP -3 attacks, hitting on a 4+ with a reroll and D3 damage apiece – enough to scrap even a Baneblade in close combat.

40k Craftworld Focus Iyanden Empower Enervate

40k Craftworld Focus Iyanden Guided Wraithsight


Stoic Endurance is going to come in handy to keep more models on the table, even if you fail your morale test you won’t can’t lose more than one model for a unit with that attribute. Then on the offensive side the Iyanden are getting access to a new Stratagem that will allow the Wraith Construct to re-roll of all failed hit rolls, new psychic powers that will either give your opponent a -1 to wound, or let you choose a friendly Asuryani Infantry or Biker unit and give them a +1 to wound. Bring two Psykers and take advantage of both Empower and Enervate.

What do you think about the latest rules preview? Does it have you excited to play your Eldar? Or, does it make you a little worried to play against them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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