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The issue of transporting models at tournaments from one table to another, including your gear, may be gone with these neat trays from Mini Duels.The team at Mini Duels have some great accessories to enhance any gaming experience. These include some different MDF and MDF-like wood products such as trays, tokens, and paint racks as well as acrylic products.

Scroll down and press play on the video below to see the entire review and all products in detail.

The MDF trays have several different sizes of inserts that fit several different sizes of bases, including 32mm and 40mm. The top will work for many different miniatures and reference cards. You can even fit paint in the inserts!

The top measures 15″ x 20″ and is 2 inches tall. There are many different varieties to choose from. The tray bottom has compartments to easily fit a rule book (including the 40K rule book), dice, tape measures, reference cards, templates, and more. The bottom measures 15″ x 20″ x 3.5″ tall. Both pieces are very sturdy, though will weight a bit with everything on. Both kits are cut wood and require assembly.

This tray will accommodate the all space marine army chapters as well as Tau, Necrons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Harlequins and etc. This inserts contains the following sizes, (65) 28mm or (65) 32mm or (25) bikers or (14) 40mm. Also has (4) 60mm or (4) 55mm.

Please look at the picture to ensure the understanding of the layout. This tray is a double layer tray so the hole sizes are on top of one another.

40K Top Tray $59.99

This is the add on for the 40k tournament tray, this will allow the 40k tournament tray to stack on top of the bottom and provide more storage for vehicles, books, dice and more

40K Tray Bottom $39.99

40K Tray Top and Bottom Combo $99.99

The deluxe tray comes with many different inserts, and you can get more with different sizes, and has little inserts that lock into the sides to interchange your inserts. There is also a small gap between the bottom of the inserts and the tray, approximately 1/8″ in size, where you can put a steel tray in to hold your magnetized minis. The deluxe tray has two drawers, one on each side, with adjustable compartments within each one that are perfect to hold objective markers, dice, tokens, and more! The tray measures about 18″ x 12″ and 3″ high.

Warmachine Tournament Tray. Deluxe This modular tray has two drawers,one on each side with divides

inside and can be set any way you like to store tablets, cards, tokens and templete.This tray will come with a total of six removable inserts that can be changed out to fit any army list. This tray holds three inserts and measures 12L x 18W x 3H

Warmachine Tournament Tray Deluxe $79.99

Mini Duels also has many different accessories to bring some pizazz to your games, including measuring tools and objective markers. The objective markers are 40mm and dual sided, with one side having the number of the token and the other having the logo for each different group. The measuring tool is in the shape of a neat “space gun” and has a 1″ divider on the barrel, 3″ on the end, and 6″ on the top, making measuring unit coherency easy and fun.

This is made from 3mm acrylic, it measures 6 inches on top, 3 inches on the back and 1 inch in the front tip.

40K Measuring Tool $7.99

They have some neat paint racks with 8 slots across and 4 down and size 12.5″ x 4.25″. The racks fit the Games Workshop paint pots as well as P3 and others. Eye dropper bottles are more difficult, but could be stored upside down thanks to convenient holes that fit the dropper bottle. There are even spots to hold brushes!

You can find these awesome items and much more at Mini Duels online store. To see the entire review of these neat items, press play on the video below!

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