Who Wants to Play the Vox Game?

And that the problem with the telephone, er vox game. You never know when the Empire will turn on you.

Recently introduced to this older 40K comic strip, I have been catching up on the older strips and I’m kinda sad that they stopped. If you haven’t seen any strips from Wobbly Modeler, then you should!

Source: Wobbly Model Syndrome Strip #323

Be sure to checkout another one of my favorites from a bygone era of the hobby called Turn Signals on Land Raider (TSOALR) as well.


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  • Scott

    By golly; vox casters should allow orders at any length assuming both squads have one.

    • Watcherzero

      My main bugbear, they have a barely longer range than shouting because they act like loudspeakers rather than radios, true its something they can do but they are also supposed to be medium range radios with range of potentially hundreds of km, heck every guardsman is supposed to have a microbead radio in their ear that can cover a few km and interfaces with the vox caster.

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