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Wyrd 4-16-18Today let’s meet two new characters from War of the Spirits a new upcoming expansion for the Death comes Rattling boardgame From Wyrd.

The creative minds at Wyrd Games would like to introduce us to two new characters for the upcoming War of the Spirits a new expansion for the Death Comes Rattling boardgame.

We present to you Janbaaj and Amenset.Monday preview 4-16-18


Janbaaj, an exile who has wandered Tallil looking for answers, has finally found them in the camaraderie of his newly found companions. He utilizes the Corruption Skill, honing in on his inner darkness as a tool to defeat the challenges that face him.

Wyrd Monday Preview4-16-18

Amenset has seen through the veil that separates the realm of the spirits and Tallil and knows that something must be done before both worlds are lost. Unlike all of the other Warriors in the game, Amenset is without a default Skill; instead, she may choose her Skill at the beginning of each day, making her an incredibly flexible character that fits into any party.

These new characters look cool and we think War of the Spirits will be a great expansion for the Death Comes Rattling boardgame. Let us know what you think of this preview.

Drop us a line in the comments below and make sure you head over to the forums at Wyrd and see what everyone else thinks of it as well.

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