Yakuza Bust Pre-Order From Ouroboros Miniatures

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Come check out this one of a kind Yakuza Bust pre-order from Ouroboros Miniatures, soon to be in a display case near you!

Scoop up one of these high-quality busts from the master sculptors at Ouroboros Miniatures. Hone your painting skills with the  CP Yakuza – Akane bust.

CP Yakuza Bust- Akane bust pre-order: €45

Yakuza bust Yakuza bust

CP Yakuza – Akane bust pre-order

To order please send us a private message on FB or an email to ouroborosminiatures*at*gmail.com (replace *at* with an @)
We will send you a request through PayPal.
Pre-order price: €45,- (regular price will be €50,-)
Sculptor: Edgar Marocsek
Concept: Tim Daniel Jonker
Scale: 1/9th
Size: 85mm from bottom to top
Number of Parts: 8 (plinth is NOT included!)
Material: Resin
Casting: Dark Star Resin Casting

Shipping will start towards the end of May/early June and will be sent out in order of first come, first served.
Get your pre-order in and save money on this great sculpt from Ouroboros Miniatures.

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