Best Tyranids Since 2000’s Nidzilla Rule of 3

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Are the Tyranids Back? We’re talking Rule of 3 Tyranids today as we showcase the Wobbly Modelers’ Winter bugs! Come see why they may be the best now!

The Wobbly Modelers have a fantastic custom Tyranid fleet with a great snow theme to them. This commission studio has produced some amazing looking models in the past and this Tyranid fleet is no exception. Check out this quick overview and check out the entire showcase by watching the video below!

Best Tyranids Since 2000’s Nidzilla Rule of 3

wobbly hive guard Best Tyranids Since 2000's Nidzilla Rule of 3

Austin’s army includes two Flying Hive Tyrant, 12 Hive Guard, 30 Termagaunts, Neurothrope, three Mawlocs, and a Genestealers Cult detachment. These models are painted to the Wobbly Standard in the commission studio. Each model is painted to good detail with a combination of airbrush and paintbrush highlights and fades.


The list seen is no longer in use, since the FAQ and beta rules, but a variation of this list will be run at other events. This list was using Kronos battalion with the Flying Hive Tyrant and Neurothrope as HQ, the Termagaunts fill out the troop choices, and the Hive Guard are included in this detachment. The Hive Guard do not need line of sight, so they thrive in the ITC format.


Austin’s other Flying Hive Tyrant is the Kraken Warlord, taking the relic that gives him -1 to hit, and paired with the three Kraken Mawlocs. The Mawlocs aren’t the greatest but are fantastic for grabbing objectives in ITC format. The Genestealer Cult is run in a Supreme Command with Magus, Primus, and Genestealers. Army wise none of the models are extremely expensive and give quite a few models for the amount. Plus all of these models allow for some great shenanigans with psychic powers and infiltrating.

Overall, this army looks fantastic and showcases the Wobbly Modelers’ painting ability quite well. If you are interested in seeing more of their work or inquiring about commissioning them, check out their Facebook page. Be sure to watch the entire showcase below!

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