Alpha Legion Contemptor Vol 3: Next Level Painting

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The Alpha Legion are masters of disguise. Take your Alpha Legion to the next level by adding sick details like freehand scales!

The Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought has gone through several fantastic steps. This next step takes your Dreadnought to the next level, using a variety of techniques including freehand! Take a look at this quick overview then be sure to watch the entire tutorial below!

dreadnought scales

Start with Abbadon Black, and draw a checkers to create diamonds to start the scale pattern. You can also start by using a pencil to sketch in guidelines. If your lines are uneven, you will have a chance to blend them in with the next steps.

dreadnought scales highlight

Using thin coats of Necrotite Green by P3, fill in each of the scales to build up the highlights. Mix Exile Blue with Necrotite Green, and dab in shadows at the bottom of each scale. These coats are not going to be heavy enough to cover the blacks, that will happen later. Cut in hard edges with the green while the scales dry. With Flash Gitz Yellow by Games Workshop, pop the green by adding a highlight at the top.

alpha legion dread

Work on finishing other parts, building the eyes, and adding effects. Use Pink Horror and White to enhance the eyes while the scales dry. Cut in some black to create a shadow, then drop in a white dot in the middle for that eye lens shine. Edge highlight the silvers with Scale 75 Heavy Metal, bringing a pop to some of the edges. Thin down Inferno Orange from P3 with Flow Improver and glaze over the silvers to build up a rust appearance.

There you have it. An absolutely amazing Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought! This dreadnought started by going to tabletop standard three color minimum then adding detail to take it to the next level and stand out in the crowd. This final phase takes it even higher. Be sure to watch the entire process by pressing play on the video below!

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