Soul Wars Wave 4: What to Buy Next REVIEW

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Screenshot_1What should you buy next? Come see the Age of Sigmar Wave four kits for both the Nighthaunts and Stormcasts unboxed and reviewed!

Today we get a look at four of the newest kits from Games Workshop for your Nighthaunt and Stormcast collection. Follow along as we show you whats new for AoS so you can decide what to buy next for your Soul Wars factions.

Soul Wars Wave 4: What to Buy Next REVIEW

Soul Wars Wave 4: What to Buy Next REVIEW

We start out first with the Stormcast faction, as take a look at the Sequitors and the Aventis Fire Strike expansions. The Sequitors as you can see is are a true multi-part kit with a few customization options. However, you can assemble them with all the weapon options they can be equipped with rules-wise.


The Aventis Firstrike KIt has the options for two different builds and is a stunning looking miniature. In our, What To Buy Next unboxing video get some sound tips on how to hide any gaps that might result from this kit, Robs explains that with a little Vallejo Plastic Putty available from Miniature Market that you can seal any unwanted gaps on your miniatures.

Rob also gives us the rundown on the rules for this new miniature.


Moving on the undead side of this release we get to take a look at the two new kits for the Nighthaunt faction the Easy to build Chainrasp Hordes and the Black Coach. The ETB Chainrasp’s have seen a lot of flack on the web about their retail price of $40. It now appears that the new box contains the same sprew you get two of in the Soul Wars starter set!


Last but not least we have the resculpt of the Infamous Black Coach. Rob explains just how far Games Workshop has come in the last few decades as far as Miniature creations as he unboxes and builds this amazing miniature. We get a look at the rules and some pro tips on how to get your Coach ready for the battlefield by assembling it in sections to make painting easier!

Make sure you stay in the trenches work out those hobby muscles by checking out our full video review on all these products below!

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