Take Your Hobby Anywhere with the Hobby Go Bag!

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We compare the Hobby Go Bag against another popular hobby bag to see which is better for those painting sessions away from home!

The folks at SlowfuseGaming have come out with some neat products lately, like brushes and brush soap. They have raised the bar again with the Hobby Go-bag. Take a look at this quick review of the Go-bag and see if it’ the perfects travel bag for you.

SFG Hobby GO-Bag $48.99

The Hobby Go-Bag is the perfect way to transport your paint and materials to and from any destination! Coming in at 1.5 lbs and made from high-strength nylon, It will carry your brushes, airbrushes, tools, paints and minis all in one manageable package. The bag itself is only 11″ wide x 9″ deep and 7.5″ tall, yet it will carry up to 96 paints along with tools and brushes, or 48 paints and an assortment of your minis.

The hobby bag is a high-strength nylon with two pouches. The smaller pouch holds brushes, airbrushes, tools, and more (plus two more pockets inside). The larger pouch fits a special foam that fits 48 paints plus a second layer of foam. That second layer can have another paint tray or 3″ pluck foam. The bag comes with your choice of foams inserts. They even have the option to purchase foam inserts on their own.

The brush loopholes are snug, so they do not fall out easily. The zippers all feel like good quality and have good tension as well. The foams are high quality as well, soft to avoid injuring the miniatures. The paint foam also fits many different kinds of paint bottles, including Army Painter, Vallejo, Games Workshop, and P3.

Compared to BattleFoam, which holds 37 dropper bottles and unique tray for Games Workshop pots, which holds 50. The bag for these, the Pack 216, is a bigger bag. The foams are different, with Battlefoam holding paints horizontally. The Hobby Go-Bag holds the foam vertically. Both are good, so depends on how you want to use these bags and the foam!

Take Your Hobby Anywhere with the Hobby Go Bag!

This bag is useful and small enough to be travel sized and easy to store. Be sure to check out the rest of the awesome products on SlowfuseGaming. To see the entire review, plus a look at the magic behind the camera, press play on the video below!

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