Black Library: Classic Inferno! Blood of Iax, & More

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More great books are here from GW this week, as Classic Inferno! returns, Blood of Iax, and more headline the lore side of things.

Keep tabs on your favorite factions and characters from the worlds of Warhammer with this week’s new release titles.

Blood Of Iax *Special Edition*: $65


In the age of the Dark Imperium, Primarch Guilliman’s Primaris Ultramarines are a shining beacon in the darkness of war. On the Imperial Hive World of Ikara IX, Chaplain Kastor and Apothecary Polixis, brothers in blood as well as in battle, stand firm against the endless Greenskin horde. But a threat is looming. An invasion like no other assaults the broken city of Shebat, as the crazed warlord Urgork arrives to lay waste to the Imperial forces and capture a Primaris Marines for his own twisted ends. As Kastor and Polixis find themselves separated by the disaster that unfolds, the brothers must turn the tide of war to win the battles that rage within their very natures, as well as those upon the battlefield.Written by Robbie MacNiven
This special edition 288 page copy of Blood Of Iax is sporting a beautiful blue and silver foil with two marker ribbons. these special copies are numbed, signed, and limited to 1,250 copies.

Cadias Vermächtnis (eBook): $9.99


Besieged by the hordes of chaos streaming from the Eye of Terror, Cadia is a bulwark against tyranny and death. For centuries, its fortresses and armies have defied the terrible armies, but the fierce resistance threatens to collapse under the tide of attackers. As Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade surges against Cadia’s walls and the armies of the Empire rush to the fortress world, an ancient ritual threatens the fragile balance of this brutal war … But out of the darkness a hero rises to lead the beleaguered defenders: Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed. Will the armored power of the Astra Militarum and the strength of the Adeptus Astartes be enough to avert catastrophe and prevent Cadia’s fall? As long as Creed lives, there is hope. As long as one more defender is breathing,

By Justin D Hill

Now get a copy of Cadia’s Legacy and enjoy this heroic story in the German language.

Print on Demand 
Available to order until 5pm GMT on Saturday 27th October 2018. These books will be printed to order and we expect to dispatch it within 35 days.Your entire order will be dispatched when these books are available. If you are ordering other items alongside this book and would like them sooner please order them separately.DESCRIPTION
Inferno! magazine was the very first publication from Black Library, way back in the wild days of 1997. A bi-monthly magazine gathering together short stories, comics, art and interesting features, it delved into the worlds of Warhammer in a way that codexes and rulebooks couldn’t – and acted as a launching point for new writers and characters who soon found their way into novels (and even games!). These first five issues include no fewer than 20 short stories, loads of comics and much more besides – as well as the Black Library debuts of Dan Abnett, Gav Thorpe and Jonathan Green. In these pages you will find the first adventure of Gaunt’s Ghosts, Lieutenant Kage’s initial meeting with the terrifying Colonel Schaeffer, the start of the infamous Blood Angels comic Bloodquest and loads more adrenaline-fuelled fiction – it’s a window on the past and one you won’t want to miss!Includes stories, comics, art and features by Dan Abnett, John Blanche, Mark Brendan, Ben Chessell, Simon Coleby, Simon Davis, Wayne England, Mark Gibbons, Jonathan Green, Alex Hammond, Simon Harrison, John Hincklenton, Kev Hopgood, Ralph Horsley, Mark Irwin, Andy Jones, Bill Kaplan, William King, Karl Kopinski, Tom Lauten, Logan Lubera, Colin MacNeil, Percy Melbye, Andras Millward, Dan Nekrosis, Ian Pickstock, Chris Pramas, David Pugh, Jeff Rebner, Gordon Rennie, Geoff Taylor, Gav Thorpe, Kev Walker, James Wallis, Jeff Waye, John Wigley & Craig Yeung.CONTENTS
Classic Inferno! Issue 1
Classic Inferno! Issue 2
Classic Inferno! Issue 3
Classic Inferno! Issue 4
Classic Inferno! Issue 5

These upcoming releases are going to be a must for all you lore hounds out there. Score these titles today from The Black Library and check back next week for the latest.

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