GW October Releases Lineup & Pricing CONFIRMED

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Don’t miss the confirmed lineup and pricing for the latest Games Workshop pre-order releases that we’ll be seeing soon in October!

Prices have been confirmed by multiple retailers on GW’s next products that’ll be hitting the shelves. Check out what you may want to spend your hobby bucks on next.

Nightvault: Zarbag’s Gitz $30


Grots are making their way into Nightvault with their Squigs and they aren’t afraid to use them! But the scariest thing in the Warband is probably the Fanatic sitting on a crushed Grot.

Nightvault: Eyes of the Nine $30


Tzeentch’s followers want a piece of the action. Tzaangors, a one-eyed Wizard, and a splash of Daemons are banding together to venture into the Nightvault.

Zarbag’s Gitz & Eyes of the Nine Dice Set $10 ea.

nightvault dice

Nightvault: Steelhearts Champions & Garrek’s Reavers $30 ea.

ETB Steelhearts Champions shadespire

ETB Garreks Reavers shadespire

Maybe you missed the Shadespire train and are just now jumping into the Nightvault scene. No worries; you can still get the original two Warbands from Shadespire and bring them with you into the NIghtvault!

Echoes of Glory Card Pack $15


Classic cards found in Warhammer Underworlds will be available in a pack as well. This will bring new players up to speed and older players can still find some cards they were looking for.

Warhammer Underworlds Carrying Case $50

nightvault hor wal

With all these models coming out, you’ll need some way to carry them all. Be on the lookout for a Warhammer Underworlds carrying case!

Adeptus Titanicus Warhound Scout Titans $65

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