Renegade’s Hefty Metal Coins For RPGs & Board Games

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Come and see what’s new from Renegade Games Studio as they announce some cool hefty metal coins for the West Kingdom Trilogy!

The Creative Minds at Renegade Games Studio have announced some new bling for their the West Kingdom Trilogy that you can use not only in this game but maybe even your D&D game as well! Let’s take a look!


Renegade Games Studio

San Diego, CA (Oct 8, 2018) — Renegade Game Studios™ and Garphill Games are excited to announce a new accessory for the follow-up to the North Sea Trilogy, the West Kingdom triology! Cement  your victory  with these hefty  metal coins! One set  will upgrade all three games  in this trilogy starting with  the 2018 release, Architects of  the West Kingdom.

You can find this accessory on game shelves beginning November 2018. Pre-order from your Friendly Local Game Store now or through the Renegade Store.


Renegade Games Studio

These new hefty metal coins look great and a lot of DMs nowadays are giving out Coins and tokens like these for Inspiration in their campaigns. There is nothing like a product that you can use in multiple games.


MSRP: $20.00
SKU: RGS0818
North America Release Date: November 2018


  • 50 Metal Coins

These new coins look to be a great addition to the gaming community. Make sure you keep an eye out for this new product from Renegade Game Studio!


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