Flexing Your Hobby muscles: LEGO Storm Bolters

By Wesley Floyd | February 5th, 2019 | Categories: LEGO, Warhammer 40k

BrickGun Lego Stormbolter Space Marines (2)

Like LEGOs? One 40k hobbyist decided to flex their hobby muscles in a new way. They actually made a pair of working storm bolters completely out of LEGO bricks!

Brickgun has been building LEGO versions of famous things for a while now.  They recently tackled the ubiquitous Space Marine Stormbolter. Heck you know Space Marines need some love on the table when hobbyists start to put down their minis and pick up some LEGO bricks!

Check out the video:

BrickGun Warhammer Storm Bolters

Our Storm Bolter features a “working” trigger and dual magazines which can be removed via a release lever, then reinserted where they lock back into place. We’ve even created a huge double magazine that inserts into both mag slots at once and can be removed the same way. The side art is easily removed and swapped out via the modular design and we plan to release additional art inserts very soon. We also plan to release the instructions for the double mag as well. 

Working LEGO Storm Bolters

There really are some amazing things that you can do with LEGOs. With a company that’s been making all sorts of new pieces for a couple of decades, people can build just about anything they want. This guy decided he needed a little something extra for the hobby and threw a couple of storm bolters together stock with magazines and Chapter insignias!

BrickGun Lego Stormbolter Space Marines

Cosmetically, the guns look fantastic but the detail doesn’t stop there. He actually built in a working magazine release with individual bullets resting in the magazine.  The spent bullet casings have to have somewhere to go after they get fired… So he built an extraction port the casings to fly out of. (Of course, the gun doesn’t actually fire).

BrickGun Lego Stormbolter Space Marines

He doesn’t actually pick up the black storm bolter in the video sadly. However, it’s got the nifty drum magazine that most Terminators roll with.

We won’t be selling the kits since we don’t have the rights to do so, but we have created an instruction set for the model as well as the single 10-round magazine that can be downloahttp://bit.ly/Brickgunded here for anyone who would like to build their own. But, be warned, it’s massive (1431 pieces!).

Like we’ve said before, this is a new way we’ve seen someone flex their hobby muscles! Can you imagine how long it took to build these?  What would you like to see Brickgun build next? How do you hobby when you’re away from 40k? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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