How to Really Compete in the Adepticon 40k Team Tournament

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Been thinking about playing in the Adepticon 40k Team Tournament? Check out a 100% factual account of what it can take to make it happen.

The crown jewel of Adepticon is the four-player Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournament. It combines the competitive side of regular 40kwith plenty of drinking, and the hobby is amazing.

It is by far the highest level of painting competition as far as tournaments go. Teams spend the entire year (and countless dollars) to make amazing armies and display boards.

We are no different.

While some teams share the workload or paint their own armies and collab on building something awesome together, like one big teambuilding exercise, we do things our own way.

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How to Compete in the Adepticon Team Tournament

November 2018:  

We are playing Thousand Sons.

December 2018:  

Our display will have a pryamid with a keg inside it.

January 2019:

Thousand Sons would require too much time, we are playing Tau. True planning begins.

Austin designs army lists.

Kinder tallies up the Tau we currently have and what needs painting

Kelsey thinks of ways to include a keg into our now pyramid-less display board.

I tell Kinder that most of the Tau he already has need touch ups. He hates me.

Wobbly Modelers

February 2019:

We have a theme: Deadpool.

Austin tweaks the lists

Kinder is painting Tau like his life depends on it.

Kelsey gives up on the keg. He orders a speaker online and learns the lyrics to Careless Whisper. Wham!

I tell Kinder to start the display board, because last year’s prevented us from placing in the Showcase. He hates me.

I get Jack to start working on our Deadpool-themed army lists.

Wobbly Modelers

March 2019:

Our display board is massive. I tell Kinder that size is not all and to fix stuff.  He hates me.

Austin forces Kinder to listen. If we don’t place, I am looking at 4 months of cyber-bullying charges.

I still don’t have a Tau codex and don’t know how many shots broadsides have. Jack nails the Deadpool themed army lists. I am hailed as a hero.

Wobbly Modelers


Wobbly Modelers

The Final Hours Before Adepticon

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72 hours before the team tournament

Kelsey buys 600$ worth of various booze. He is the hero we need.

6 Hours before the Team Tournament:

We are dry fitting the board and models in our hotel room. There is fake snow in my bed, as it is the only place the display fits.

Kinder is painting squad markings on drones and adding edge highlights to our fire warriors. He hates me.

5 Hours before the team tournament

We are folding our army lists to match the comic-book theme.  Austin folds 23 while Kinder and I fold the remaining 257. Teamwork OP.

30 minutes before the team tournament

Glue rips off the fake snow on the display board. Our models don’t hold. Travis figures it out.

Gluing our stuff down with countless spectators and passers-by is a 2 person job that might as well be an Olympic sport.

4 Hours into the team tournament

We make the Showcase. Kinder cries.

I will not face bullying charges, I cry as well.

We get curbed stomped that round, I couldn’t care less (whisper) WHAM!

Wobbly Modelers

Obviously, this article is 90% satire but probably 90% accurate at the same time as well.

You can check out The Wobbly Modelers because they are awesome and make my Adepticon experience so much better.

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