Tau To Imperium 40k Terrain You Can’t Go Wrong With

By Andrew Schrank | February 5th, 2020 | Categories: Product Review, Unboxing, Videos

Tau To Imperium 40k Terrain You Can't Go Wrong WithGet some of the best looking terrain from Micro Art Studio for everything from Tau to the Imperium and more for Warhammer 40k!

This isn’t the first time Rob has taken a look at Micro art studios before. They are pretty well known for their bases and terrain, but they also make Infinity, StarWars, and all-purpose terrain that’s worth looking into. Let’s see what Rob thinks about this set of terrain he got from them this time.

Tauceti Cargo Crates

tauceti masFirst up we’ve got some resin terrain for Tau. This is a great scale and can be used for line of sight blocking even for primaris marines. These come pre-assembled so all you’ll have to do it paint them. This set will cost you around 30 USD, so not too shabby.

Fuel Depot

mas feul depotThis next set of resin terrain is a little more all-purpose and can be used for pretty much any table/faction. These will run you about 18 dollars US.

depot vs primaris

These are however a little bit short than the tau terrain so it’s important to realize it isn’t quite tall enough for primaris. It will be perfect for guardsmen or skirmish games though.

Spare Part Containers

spare part conatinerThese are pretty simple but cool nonetheless. The blister comes with 12 of these and will cost you about 15 USD. There is also a couple of lids and empty containers so you can put your own bits in it for decoration. These also seem to be a good scale if a 40k model would be reaching in to grab something.

Jersey Barriers

jersey barriers

These little barriers will also cost about 15 USD and come in a pack of 3. These aren’t tall enough to cover primaris marines but, they are great decoration and the perfect scale for guardsmen.

Hard Foam Barracks

hard foam barracks


hard foam barracks 2These are both pre-assembled and are the perfect size for one of sight blocking for all troops. They are just short enough for some tanks to get turrets over, like a rhino or Leman Russ. The bigger building is about 4 by 5 inches, so it’s got a decent footprint. The bigger set of terrain will cost about 30 USD for 3. The small containers will run for about 20 USD for a pack of 4.

That’s it for this one! If you’re curious about more details watch the full video below. Patreon supporters of Spikey Bits get models like this each month shipped to them.

Terrain provided for promotion & review.

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