July Miniature Crate: 2 Characters & Five 3D Files Just $10!

By Rob Baer | July 10th, 2020 | Categories: Patreon

Ghamak PatreonGet two character models, plus 5 more miniatures from our exclusive 3D File Sampler Pack, and more for just $10 on Patreon!

We know you love being on the cutting edge of the hobby, and getting new products like miniatures, paints, and tools!  That’s why we created a way for you to not only save more hobby dollars but also get new and exclusive hobby products from us as often as once a month!

$10 patreon

🔥Double Dipper🔥
►Two 3D Printed Miniatures, or Predator models
►Spikey Bits.com Ad-Free Access
►Welcome Gift Bag & Logo Sticker
►Six 3D Miniature Downloads
►Retailer Discount Codes
►Waiting List To Support Us Higher Levels

💕Check out all of the amazing benefits you get at this support level: https://www.patreon.com/posts/3442777

Rewards Included in the $10 Membership:


Here are all extra bonuses (with shipping included), in our monthly membership to make it worth the small fee we charge.

  • Our famous Spikey Bits Gift Bag stuffed with all sorts of sample products, stickers, and more in your first shipment!
  • A copy of our exclusive manufacturer discount codes list so you can save $$$ every time you shop!
  • Ad-Free Spikeybits.com Access!
  • Exclusive after-hours content, miniature showcases, and painting tutorials on The Long War TV Hall of Veterans (thelongwar.net – a $9.99 a month value) included!
  • Downloadable PDF high-resolution quick reference guides for all our painting tutorials!
  • Access to 6 free 3D miniature downloads from our exclusive .STL File Sampler Pack with designs from some of the top makers out there!

group pic patreonView The Full 3D Miniature Designs Here https://www.patreon.com/posts/36542789

New supporters at the $10 level get their choice of TWO of these miniatures printed out in high quality and mailed to them along with the rest of their first month’s promo items.

►All supporters get access to 5 free 3D miniature downloads from our exclusive .STL File Sampler Pack with designs from some of the top makers out there!

Pledges of $35 or more will get a miniature crate back in the mail as often as once every month with your choice of game system and faction (like Warhammer) with shipping included as part of your membership!

Check out what some of the Membership Rewards look like up close:
Promo Sticker Pack

Example of a painted clear plastic 32mm AVP Predator model!

Ad-Free Spikey Bits & Long War Hall of Veterans Access

Example Discount Codes For Being A Supporter!

What’s the catch? Nothing! This is the Patreon that pays for itself! Get a package of miniatures delivered to your door now!

Get 7 Character Models & All These Rewards For Just $10!

About the Author: Rob Baer

Virginia Restless, Miniature Painter & Cat Dad. I blame LEGOs. There was something about those little-colored blocks that started it all... Twitter @catdaddymbg
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