Puppetswar January Patreon has Amazing 3D STL Files!

puppetswar patreonThe Puppetswar January Patreon has kicked off with some really amazing 3D STL files of Orks and Marines- check it out!

If you want some amazing files for your printers, there is a new kid on the block! We love to see great-looking files hit the market and these really deliver. If you want some great files, check out what you can score with their new Patreon!

Plus, with this being the new year, they really, really knocked it out of the park with these insane files! Who doesn’t need more Orks or Marines? We sure do!

Puppetswar Welcome Pack

puppetswar Patreon 4


puppetswar Patreon 3


puppetswar Patreon 2


puppetswar Patreon


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puppetswar Patreon 5

Meet the mercenaries from the Scoundrels Band, misfits that became allies of convenience in hard times of the far-future galaxy.

Here are the first five members of the band and the idea is to make this team grow in time. Hopefully, with your help, we will be able to hire new crew members, and properly equip this gang with weapons and vehicles enabling them to earn a reputation and recognition in a harsh galaxy underworld.

Puppetswar January Patreon

Puppetswar January r


Puppetswar January 7What is there to say about these other than they are amazing and who wouldn’t a bunch of Badass Orks leading the charge? If you love what Puppetswar is up to, click here to see what else they have been releasing.

Puppetswar January 2


Puppetswar January 3


Puppetswar January 5


Puppetswar January 6


Puppetswar January 4


Puppetswar January 9


Puppetswar January 8

Here is a more in-depth look at what we prepared for you in January. This time we jump on let’s say Sci-fantasy vibe, we will share with you Orc gunners equipped with regular and heavy weapons, a Squadron of Prime Riders of the Norse, and a Prime Rider Wizard. 

You seem to like our last addition of examples of compatibility opportunities between our previous and upcoming models and this time we composed a few more visualizations to show you how our releases can work together. 

Make Sure You visit Puppetswar To Get These Files!

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