Horus Lupercal – First Son of the Imperium

General. Liberator. Conqueror. First Son of the Imperium. Horus Lupercal. This pict capture (recovered from a routine data sweep of Imperial records, Terra) shows the Heretical Primarch Horus leading his forces at Ullanor. The Ullanor Crusade marked the largest war undertaking in Imperial History toppling the Xenos Ork empire; safeguarding the future of Humanity amongst […]

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By Myles David | January 23rd, 2014

Brother’s Keeper- Sons of Horus Diorama

Welcome to Army of One, where I display a great looking painted model from stuff I’ve done or amazing figures I’ve seen around. If you click on the Army of One label you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking figures, all at once. Today we take a look at a very sinisterarrly posed Sons of Horus Contemprtor!  Enjoy […]

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By Rob Baer | November 8th, 2013
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