Used & NIB Warhammer Miniatures

A great new way to buy used Warhammer miniatures is here as we have hundreds of used, NIB, and painted models in our online Marketplace store- check it out!

This category contains Warhammer miniatures and tabletop Wargaming models both new in box (NIB) and used, not produced with a 3D printer. Please check each item for individual conditions and manufacturers.

Most people know our MTO Marketplace has awesome 3D printed minis, but there are a ton of offerings that are NIB, built, used, and even some awesomely painted ones. So if you've been looking for a place to pick up some Used Warhammer, Forge World, or, Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures, this is a great place to start.

You can see all our painted Warhammer and tabletop miniatures on our painted models store by clicking this link here!

Keep in mind prices change all the time on these models as new ones are added, and old stock is reduced in price!

Orders ship out to you the next business day!


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