Black Templars Heavy Cavalry?!! Conversions

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That’s right, apparently Space Wolves are not the only ones who can take mounts! Horses however are at least a little more believable….

I mean horses have been bread for years to do our work for us, and who knows how powerful they will become in the far future? But seriously though, Clydesdales are huge massive creatures, and in a universe of planets you never know how nature will take it course.

Which also leads me to the hobby…. everyone’s is different. If you want to put a marine on a horse heck why not? It’s your model do what you want!

I once made a whole Ravenwing army mounted on Cold Ones with a Stegadon for my Master of the Ravenwing, and it was awesome.  Realistic, no- but hey it was pretty much WYSIWYG, and fun!

So Jkin is working on some Heavy Cavalry for his Black Templars. When he runs them as Templars, they are Terminators with Thunder Hammer / Storm-shields (hence the 40mm bases, shields, and “Lance Hammers”).

He was going for a Knights theme with these guys and from the styling, lances, and mounts- I’d say he nailed it.

I’m sure if he slaps a 60mm base under them they would be legal as Thunderwolves as well, but that’s not a road he’s going down today.

The Conversion(s)

The mounts are all from the Marauder Horsemen kit. For the legs he used a combination of Robed Ravenwing Riding Legs, and Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry Riding Legs. 

Several cuts had to still be made to position them onto the smaller horses, but the gaps were filled with Green-Stuff.  For the bodies he used a mix of Sanguinary Guard Torsos, and Black Templar Torsos form the upgrade kit.

The shoulders are a splash of Studded Pads, and Templar chapter pads to keep to the “Knight” theme.

Lances and Shields were added from the Bretonnian Knights set, and for the “Knight Helms” he used MKIV and MKIII heads from various kits (mostly Blood Angels, and Templars).

I think these turned out great. I love the dynamic posing, and can’t wait to see more!

Check out these Work In Progress (WIP) shots of his first squad, below.

You can checkout more of the crazy work Jkin puts out, HERE.

I think these “Knights” are worthy! -MBG

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