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It’s back! The time has come for another 40k Team Tournament.

We’ll be kicking a Team Tournament on Saturday, February 23rd at 10 AM at FTW Games, the home of Spikey Bits

To register you can call the store 804-464-1873, let us know onsite, or email us.

1000 points per player

1. General Information
Registration 10-10:30, First dice at Eleven.
Location: FTW Games
Entrance Fee: $10 per person
Prize: 100% payout as FTW Games store credit, or $100 in credit (whichever is greater) divided up among the prize groups.

2. Schedule (estimate)
Registration 10-10:30, First dice at Eleven.

3. Registration
This event is first come, first served. A spot may be reserved by paying the entrance fee at FTW Games in advance. Both teammates must be paid for, not just one. No refunds. 
Lists may be submitted for review. Although this is encouraged, it is not required.

4. Things You Need To Bring
Each player is responsible for bringing the following items:
• Your army
• Dice (d6, scatter, and artillery)
• Measuring device(s)
• Templates and objective markers
• Three or more copies of your list. Lists must be printed and must have the stats for every unit, including saves. 
• Army Book for your army. Although not required, it is suggested that you bring the current errata and FAQ material for your army.
• At least one rulebook between you and your teammate.

5. Army Restrictions
1000pts per player (2000pts per side). You can only ally with an army designated in the 40k Rulebook. Each player must follow the force organization chart in the 40k Rulebook.

Forge World units with the “40k Stamp” or units allowed for play in via the INAT IA Appendix are allowed.   

Please note under no circumstances are Super Heavies, Gargantuan Creatures, Apoc formations,  or Flyers allowed- EVER so don’t even try.   

Each team uses two force organization. One per player.

WYSIWYG: Units must be WYSIWYG. Any model that fails to meet this requirement will be instantly removed from play (at your opponent’s discretion). Conversions and ‘counts as’ are allowed within reason (judges’ discretion).

Painted: There will be a painting score, but don’t let it discourage you from playing.

6. Bracketing
Opponents will be randomly determined for the first round. Swiss pairing (using just the gaming score) will occur in the second and final round.

7. Prizes
All entrance fee money will be “the pot”, even from those that drop out. This money will be divided among the top teams.

*Additional Info:
-All players will be able to roll for warlord traits.
-Players can team up with armies that they can ally with designated in the 6th ed. Rulebook, but they must follow the rules designated for that alliance (example: player A can play Orks and player B can play Dark Angels, but they must follow the desperate allies rules.
-Players can also both play the same army and they are treated as battle brother, but if you are allying with the same army you cannot both take the same named character. (example: both players are playing eldar, only one of them can take Eldrad)
-Both players have the option of taking an Aegis Defense Line, but no other fortifications may be used.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

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