Two Months of Dark Elves- Release Madness??!

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Well most of the rumormongers out there are saying that we’ll be seeing a staggered two month release of Dark Elves for Warhammer Fantasy.

Why… I don’t know.

One things for sure if it wasn’t a holiday season as a store owner I’d be pissed.

Fantasy is one of the slowest selling games right now, and even FFG’s nearly out of stock X-wing Miniatures game outsells it consistently into its second year even!

So what can we make outta all this? Is the GW release train running out of steam? What can we expect to see for 2014?

The answers to all thesw questions and more quite possibly be found below, courtesy of BoLS and Apocalypse 40k

I almost can’t believe it, but all the rumormongers are saying the same thing about Dark Elves. You won’t believe this!

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