New 40k Escalation- NOV White Dwarf Review

The big guns are coming, are you ready?

As you’ve probably heard by now, 40k may be changing forever with the new supplements releasing this weekend.

For the first time since third edition GW may be changing up the way we play the game mid life cycle!

But there is more to this book than just 40k expansions too!

For starters the price of the magazine is now $12 (up from just $9 less than a year ago), and some people seem to be taking it in stride, but for some it’s the last straw.

This was one of the better issues IMHO, with another great Blachistu article where he chopped up and used newer Forge World models, as well as current plastics. 
Speaking of Forge World there were some great WIP pics of a few of there newer kits, and it was really nice to whats “under the paint” for yourself from time to time I feel.
That’s about it for me guys, I got tons of Black Friday sale orders to help pack up still (ps if you haven’t taken advantage of our up to 50% OFF sale yet it all ends THIS Monday)!
So accept my apologies for the brief article this time, and enjoy the video below for a more comprehensive look at this issue and the new expansions, which are now all on advanced order and will release Saturday December 7th. -MBG

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