Lady Anvil – Custom Knight Titan

a lance knight walpaper

Like ‘Cheesecake Girls’, and giant robots in YOUR grim dark future?  You HAVE to see this Titan!

There may not be another model out there that’s more epic-ally convertible that the Imperial Knight Titan.  Filantropolo over on the BoLS lounge converted up not one, but FOUR Knight titans based on their Forge World variants, and assigned them some rather unique pilots.

Filantropolo’s scratch building and weathering skills are far, far, above average, but I think what post players will appreciate most are the pilots themselves!

Checkout ‘Lady Anvil’ of the Knights & Babes series!

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Everyone needs an assistant!


What it lacks in the ‘extensive’ conversion department I think it makes up for in the theme category in spades!.

Filantropolo is even working on an upgrade for the battlecannon as we speak!

I can’t wait to feature the other TWO Knights form the series as well!

If you missed the first one, checkout the Castigator; ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ HERE!

What’s your favorite Knight Titan? 

Interested in showing off your work on Spikey Bits?  We want those pics!

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