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If the Grim Dark didn’t have pin-up on the sides of Knights, they do now. Come see this epic Titan conversion.

There may not be another model out there that’s more epic-ally convertible that the Imperial Knight Titan.  Filantropolo over on the BoLS lounge converted up not one, but FOUR Knight titans based on their Forge World variants, and assigned them some rather unique pilots.

Filantropolo’s scratch building and weathering skills are far, far, above average, but I think what post players will appreciate most are the pilots themselves!

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Plastic Card Gatling Cannon with independent rotating barrels, CHECK! No cat helpers present, also CHECK!


Checkout this in-genius ammo belt made from tank treads!


Over all this is one of the best conversions I’ve seen in awhile.  I can’t wait to feature the other THREE Knights form the series as well!

What’s your favorite part of this model? 

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