New Chaos Khorne Bloodreaver Pics Leaked

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Come see the awesome new pictures showing off some of the best damn Chaos mortal models we’ve ever seen! New White Dwarf leaks are here!

Via Scanner

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Seems like there is a ton of surprises in both the new White Dwarf and Quest for Ghal Maraz supplement this week.

This issue also confirmed this weeks lineup and pricing from earlier today as well;

  • New Book Quest For Ghal Maraz Book $74
  • Limited Edition Version $150
  • Khorne Blood Reavers $58
  • Skaven Plague Monks (repackage?) $35
  • Skaven Plague Furance (repackage?) $62
  • Skaven Pestilens Plague Furnace (repackage?) $33
  • Plague Priest (finecast?)$15
  • Plague Censor Bearers (finecast?) $33

Checkout the rest of the spoiled pics below

Age of Sigmar Roundup

Will 8-8 be a little Khorne-y?

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